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PPE Esquintla Hospital

Esquintla, Guatemala

Even before we had chartered, RCGA was stepping up to provide support to communities around the world. Our first project, in partnership with KL&P Marketing, provided Esquintla Hospital with vital PPE at the height of the pandemic.

Food Delivery in Townships

Johannesburg, South Africa

As part of the Nelson Mandela Foundation's #Each1Feed1 campaign, RCGA raised more than $5000 to provide support to people experiencing food insecurity due to South Africa's lockdowns. All of the funds went to provide food and other necessities to those most affected by the lockdown.


Syringes for Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Cuba was one of the first countries to have enough COVID-19 vaccine for its population, however due sanctions the nation had a lack of syringes to deliver the vaccine. In a joint effort with Center for Cuban Studies and Global Health Partners, enough was raised through the Syringes for Cuba campaign to send 6,000,000 syringes to Cuba - enough to ensure complete vaccination of the entire population.

Note: we partnered with Global Health Partners, as they are an organization that has a U.S. Commerce Dept. license to send humanitarian assistance to Cuba.

Food Delivery to Transgender Community

Delhi, India

An ongoing project started by club member Sarita, emergency relief to the transgender community in Delhi has been ongoing. Originally, this project was initiated in the fall of 2020 and then again in May of 2021. In May, more than 4000 kg of rations was delivered.

Additionally, Sarita has worked closely with the Indian government to ensure this community has access to vaccinations. 

In June of 2021, the Rotary LGBT Fellowship Recognized RCGA and Sarita for our supporting the LGBTQ+ community during the pandemic.


Handwashing Stations & Reusable Masks

Maasai Mara, Kenya

After being alerted that schools in the Maasai Mara did not have adequate hand washing stations or access to masks, we worked with the community to provide multiple hand washing stations at four schools in the community, and to provide reusable masks to students at those schools. 

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